Meeting Your Team at the Magical Intersection of  Employee Engagement & Company Culture

Boost your business performance, build internal stability, and stand out as the employer everyone wants to work for by transforming your employee experience and internal communication strategies.

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A successful future in business requires a focus on leadership, employee engagement, and bringing that special spark of joy to your workplace.

Employee-Centered Services

Companies today are struggling with an insidious problem of poor retention, poor morale, and poor internal unity. 

At ENGAG.IC, our services center around infusing your company with a healthy culture that is authentic to your organization and nurtures the energy necessary to fuel your company.

The Engag.ic

Step 1: Explore the Culture

Dive in and uncover the most pressing problems to make immediate improvements!

Step 2: Lead the Culture

Transformation begins at the top. It’s time to be the leader your company needs you to be!

Lead the Culture is a 2-session consultative coaching process of creating a systematic solution for success.

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‘Explore the Culture’ Consult

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Partnership · Trust · Reliability

Step 3: Crafting the Culture

Enable your employees to feel seen, valued, and proud to work here while also making your job as the leader easier and more rewarding.

Crafting the Culture is a 6-week custom culture-crafting process following the 3-I Framework.

Step 4: Ignite the Culture

For small businesses, we provide Done-For-You services to build the foundation of your company’s employee engagement infrastructure and systems. 

For medium-to-large companies, we consult and provide project management while leveraging the strengths of your talented team.

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Bringing the Humanity
Back to Business

Meet Nicole O’Hara

The greatest power of a company is the dedication of its employees. In today’s digital age, companies are growing increasingly distant from the amazing men and women who make the vision possible. 

My mission is to never let talented employees feel overlooked or undervalued by helping those who have the power to affect change on a massive scale create a culture of appreciation and collaboration while also meeting organizational goals.

With 15 years of corporate experience in 
Employee Communications, I’ve worked with numerous HR teams to provide innovative and tailored communication solutions that positively impacted employee morale and wellbeing. 

Through an open partnership, I work with my clients to strengthen their leadership and reinvigorate their human assets, thereby adding immeasurable value to the company as a whole.

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Your success hinges on the culture you create!

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